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S-Mile consortium

The S-mile consortium will be comprised of a multidisciplinary set of partners that have a solid track records in implementing a broad range of technologies, services and research tools in the transport sector. This supports the intention of S-mile project, i.e. to develop a set of tools for supporting first/last mile logistic transport, fostering green transport means and solutions with various modules to meet the practical and strategic needs of key users in different market situations and geographical environments. The technical and scientific trajectory of each partner is perfectly fitting its role in the S- mile project.

Faculty of Transport, Silesian University of Technology (Poland): The faculty conducts scientific research in the following areas: transport systems planning, transport nets optimization and transport logistics. The group involved in this project has gained more than fifteen contract works in the field of transportation. The selected team (five persons) has rich experience with scientific research. They prepared more than five hundred publications (articles in journals, chapters and books) and more than two hundred presentatnions on conferences. Their scientific interests combine the problems of the road traffic engineering, the development of the commuting behaviors within the cities and the improvement of Logistics and Supply Chains in the first and last mile.

PlusOneMinusOne (Turkey): As the developer of decision support software platforms for applications of Operational Research, PlusOneMinusOne provides optimization, routing and location based predictive analytics software for various industries. They have participated in several research projects leading important work packages related to the Supply Chain demand and Capacity Planning and logistics.

SAITEC (Spain): Engineering firm with expertise in simulation systems, engineering design and software applications with a strong focus in social and urban infrastructure projects.

FactorCO2 (Spain): Consultancy with strong experience in environmental impact evaluation, quality certification, life cycle assessment, software development, etc. It has participated in several research projects for improving the citizen health in the cities.

DeustoTech (Subcontracted partner, Spain): Research Centre with a solid track on environmental modeling and the use of multi agent system for traffic simulation and urban sprawl modeling.

ELTOM Transport Company (Associated partner, Poland): The main scope of services provided to clients is the carriage of goods - freight transport in the European Union. The main directions are areas of England as well as Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Company fleet are equipped with navigation systems and GPS vehicle location, allowing for constant monitoring of goods in transit.


Saitec Engineering


Silesian University of Technology



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